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I absolutely love to fly. I started flying at age 14, soloed on my 16th birthday, and got my private pilot license on my 17th birthday. Over the next few years, I received my Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor rating. While in college I flight instructed during summers, and upon graduation joined the U.S. Air Force. During my 34-year career in the military I was fortunate to fly the F-4 as an operational fighter pilot, the T-37 as a flight instructor, the T-38, and the F-16 as an acceptance test pilot, before graduating from the USAF Test Pilot School as an experimental test pilot. As a test pilot, I was an instructor at Test Pilot School, Operations Officer at the F-16 Combined Test Force, and Test Squadron Commander. While at Edwards and Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases I had the opportunity to fly 60 different make and model aircraft including trainers, fighters, transports, gliders, other utility aircraft, and even the X-29 technology demonstrator. In two of my assignments as a General Officer, I was able to continue flying the F-16. While in the military I continued to fly general aviation aircraft, and after retiring from the military I flew co-pilot on a Merlin IVC for the company I worked for, and in 2019 I started working at the Eglin Aero Club as an instructor. I have flown 64 different make and model civilian aircraft, and currently hold an ATP, Commercial, Private (glider), ASEL, AMEL, and instrument flight instructor ratings. In the Fall of 2021, I was selected by the FAA to become a Designated Pilot Examiner.

To prepare for the checkride please click on the link below to complete the Intake Form and review my fee policies. There will also be a link provided to download a checklist for the things you will need to bring with you to the checkride. For the cross-country I give you to plan for the checkride, please do the planning on current sectional charts and prepare hard copy flight logs that show your detailed planning. You can use Electronic Flight Bags (ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, etc.) to supplement your planning, and use them during the flight. If you have any questions regarding the checkride please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me. Phone 703-859-2807, and email I look forward to meeting you in person and being part of your aviation journey.